A Firmware update is needed for Seagate ES series drives connected to ATTO Express SAS Host and RAID Adapters

ATTO has become aware of drive errors on Seagate 1TB (ST31000340NS), 750GB (ST3750330NS), 500GB (ST3500320NS), and 250GB (ST3250310NS) drives. These errors may cause RAID groups to fault or go offline with ATTO ExpressSAS RAID adapters. These same drives may go off line with ATTO ExpressSAS Host Bus Adapters.

These issues are resolved on the above drives by a firmware upgrade to revision SN06. This firmware cannot be used on an AS series drive.

Warning: Backup any data on the affected drives before you perform the update.

A PC with an on-board SATA controller and an external USB bootable drive are required for this update.

You may use the method described in “How to create a bootable thumb drive (USB) drive” below to create the boot drive. Extract the contents of Barracuda ES2 SN06 release.zip to the root of the USB drive. Boot the USB drive and choose the option for the capacity point of the drive you are updating. The SeaFlash utility only works with common SATA chipsets and ports available on today's motherboards and therefore will not see drives attached to the ATTO ExpressSAS RAID or Host Bus Adapters. You will need to attach the drives temporarily to regular SATA ports.

Note: This SN06 firmware is only for the above SATA models when attached to ATTO ExpressSAS RAID or ExpressSAS Host Bus Adapters. SATA models attached to internal SATA controllers or non-ATTO SAS controllers do not need to be updated to SN06.

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