IBC 2022

Join us in Amsterdam September 9-12 at IBC 2022 where we will present the latest high-performance connectivity solutions for all phases of the production chain including the all new ATTO ExpressNVM™ NVMe Switch Host Adapter. ATTO is the only company that can meet the demanding connectivity needs of 4K and 8K video content creation across all storage and network types.

Increased video resolutions, asset complexity and a recent jump in AI-enhanced post-production processes are among the reasons studios are looking at ways to leverage NVMe storage. However, NVMe’s ability to scale and management functions are narrowly confined, limiting the flexibility of NVMe in the environments that need it most.

ATTO ExpressNVM is an NVMe switch host PCIe adapter that supports up to 16 internal NVMe drives. This allows the creation of high-density NVMe storage that easily scales up and out without sacrificing performance. ExpressNVM adds enterprise-level management and configuration capabilities to NVMe drive arrays for total control and flexibility.

ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet, SAS and Fibre Channel adapters provide the most flexible and scalable connectivity for the latest generation of Apple® Macs, including Mac Studio®, Mac Pro®, MacBook Pro®, and any Thunderbolt-enabled workstation or portable. All ATTO ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters are directly compatible with Thunderlink 3 and 4 or with earlier versions via an adapter. ThunderLink is the standard in portable, high-performance connectivity for film and video production, relied upon by studios and professionals all over the world.

The same factors behind the need for NVMe as local storage are contributing to the need for fast, reliable and highly-capable Ethernet connectivity. ATTO FastFrame™ SmartNICs are optimized for post-production environments with features designed to simplify management of their amazing power.

Our feature application for Ethernet is ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software, an all-purpose tool for network optimization designed for creative professionals who want to unlock the true potential of ATTO FastFrame and ThunderLink adapters. We work with our storage partners to include an increasing number of one-click tuning profiles in 360 so users can easily optimize storage network performance without the assistance of an IT professional.

The entire ATTO Ethernet ecosystem of 360, FastFrame and ThunderLink combines to provide studios an edge so they can start, execute and finish their post-production projects faster.

ATTO storage and network connectivity solutions are designed to improve the user experience throughout the entire media production cycle. Ingest, editing, management, distribution and archiving all benefit from proprietary ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™ controlled latency and data acceleration technology, exclusive intelligent management applications and robust, thoughtful hardware design.

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  • Open-E 7.A58
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  • Seagate 7.B05
  • Sony Electronics 13.A10, 13.D202, 13.D203, 13.D204, MS22
  • Spectra Logic 7.A43
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