IBC 2020

ATTO to Demo Two New Products Plus More

Join ATTO Technology during IBC Showcase 2020, September 8-11, 2020, for the latest connectivity solutions for media professionals.

The next best thing to meeting us live at IBC, we'll have demos showing the impressive performance of our Ethernet and Fibre Channel products in high-performance media workflows!

ATTO is the only company that can meet the demands of 4K, 8K and HDR video content creation across all storage and network connectivity types. From ingest to distribution, ATTO brings the highest performance and reliability to media workflows.

The Apple Mac Pro takes center stage this year as the premier production machine for professional audio and visual content creators. Mac Pro owners will need ATTO as no one else provides end-to-end storage connectivity purpose-made for Mac Pro workloads.

Announcing: ATTO 360 Version 2.0!

ATTO 360 version 2.0

Version 2.0 is the largest update to ATTO 360 yet and includes a brand-new feature called 360°View. A dashboard visualization of performance and packet statistics with an alert manager has been integrated into the 360 analytics engine to warn users of even more potential problems so they can be corrected before causing any costly downtime.

With 360°View we can now analyze trends and make better decisions on how to get the most out of your client and its connection to storage.

In addition to 360°View, the 360 analytics engine has been updated to recognize more problematic scenarios that were developed by our engineers based on past experiences in the field. ATTO 360 can now instantly identify several issues that would normally exhaust significant time and resources in the past.

Download ATTO 360 version 1.2 today for free at www.ATTO.com and look for Version 2.0 with 360°View on October 2nd.


ATTO 360 Tuning Software – A free software tool that allows anyone to take the performance of ATTO Ethernet adapters to the next level.

ATTO Fibre Channel – Fibre Channel is a high-performance connectivity technology preferred by professional studios all over the world.

Discover why ATTO is the first and only choice for connectivity by today’s biggest names in media and film production during IBC Showcase 2020!

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