Details of Major Update to ATTO 360 Tuning Software Unveiled During ATTO IBC Showcase 2020 Event

In June, ATTO released a new version of ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software. ATTO 360 version 1.2 introduces seven custom tuning and optimization profiles for Dell Isilon™ and PowerScale™ nodes running Dell Technologies OneFS™ file system.

We’re gearing up to release a significant update to ATTO 360 very soon, bringing it up to version 2.0. Details of this update will be unveiled during the ATTO IBC Showcase 2020 event, which runs September 8-11, 2020. Details are available from the event page on

ATTO 360 Tuning Software is a tool for optimizing and maintaining Ethernet networks, perfect for users of all levels, at home, the office or in the server room. When used in conjunction with ATTO FastFrame™  and ThunderLink® Ethernet adapters, Dell customers can achieve the best possible system performance in the most demanding workload environments.

ATTO and Dell are achieving previously unheard of performance numbers and troubleshooting capabilities with ATTO 360. Testing has shown that ATTO FastFrame NICs running ATTO 360 can improve performance up to 30% depending on the workflow and operating system.

The new profiles also give Dell customers access to advanced analytics and diagnostic capabilities that allow for quick and effective resolutions to many of the problems admins might encounter. Potential issues can even be caught and rectified before they force server downtime.

ATTO 360 v1.2 also adds support for optics analytics and monitoring which displays vendor ID, part number, temperature, and other values in the application interface. The ability to access this data per transceiver will greatly benefit mapping and troubleshooting processes. There is added support for Thunderbolt™ and Ethernet link rates and analytics that contribute to the prevention of downtime.

Other enhancements to ATTO 360 introduced in version 1.2 are the inclusion of an interactive manual and graphical updates. This is the first release of ATTO 360 to include tuning profiles developed for an ATTO partner.

ATTO Ethernet products are the fastest in the industry for unstructured data applications, block data and file access across the widest range of operating systems. The custom profiles for Dell include multiple profiles each for macOS®, Windows®, and Linux® operating systems. This close collaboration with Dell has resulted in leading-edge performance solutions for the most demanding workflows across multiple markets.

For further details on ATTO 360 with Dell OneFS, please see the solution guide.