ATTO Products

ATTO offers businesses of all sizes an unparalleled range of performance storage infrastructure and connectivity products. From host bus adapters (HBAs) and performance NICs to storage bridge controllers and acceleration software, our products are designed to efficiently and cost-effectively help customers manage, store and deliver their data. Leveraging new storage architectures and transport protocols our products deliver blazing-fast performance, one-click installation and smooth data streaming.

ATTO Storage Connectivity Product Portfolio

Ethernet NICs

ATTO Ethernet Smart NICs

ATTO FastFrame high-performance Ethernet Network Interface Cards (NICs) provide amazing speed while minimizing power and CPU cycles. There is a difference in performance optimization and our cards outshine all others.

Fibre Channel HBAs

ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs

ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs with exclusive latency-management technology deliver industry-leading performance, faster, more efficient data transfers for the most demanding storage applications.



ATTO SAS HBAs are engineered with the latest technology and exclusive latency-management features to deliver industry-leading performance for the most demanding storage applications.

Intelligent Bridges

ATTO Intelligent Bridges

ATTO intelligent protocol bridges easily allow attachment of SAS-based storage to Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks and add powerful yet east-to-use management capabilities to SANs.

NVMe Switch HBAs

ATTO NVMe Switch Host Adapters

Unique in the industry, ATTO integrates a smart processor into our NVME HBAs to create scalable, high-capacity, dense storage with added extensive management and monitoring – enabling higher-end enterprise capabilities not available anywhere else.

Thunderbolt Adapters

ATTO Thunderbolt Adapters

Our line of powerful, yet quiet, desktop-based adapters connect Thunderbolt-enabled workstations to a wide range of storage protocols including Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA, and Ethernet.

Cables & Accessories

computer cables

ATTO cables and accessories are premium quality, professional-grade products available to fit a wide range of connectivity needs. These cables and accessories have been tested and qualified for optimal performance, shielding and signal quality for use in multiple storage infrastructure applications.


computer software on screen

ATTO offers a variety of tools and utilities designed to enhance the performance of our hardware as well as our end user’s storage environment. The ATTO Disk Benchmark utility, Xtend SAN iSCSI initiator software for macOS, ATTO 360 Ethernet optimization, monitoring, and diagnostic software headline our software portfolio.

SiliconDisk Storage

SiliconDisk Ethernet-connected RAM-based SSD

ATTO SiliconDisk™ is an Ethernet connected, scalable, RAM-Based SSD storage product that delivers 100X faster performance than flash-based SSD storage solutions, and with much lower latency – less than a nanosecond. It blows away current flash storage solutions for performance.

Driving Success in AI/ML Storage Ecosystems

ATTO’s XstreamCORE products and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) are pivotal components in enhancing AI server architectures, particularly by improving the connectivity, performance, and scalability of storage systems. XstreamCORE bridges serve to transform direct-attached storage (DAS) into networked storage area networks (SANs), making large volumes of data readily accessible across multiple AI servers and processes. This functionality is crucial for AI and machine learning applications that demand extensive data sharing and high-speed data access. With their capability to provide low-latency and high-throughput connectivity—either through Fibre Channel or Ethernet—XstreamCORE products ensure that data feeds to AI models are fast and efficient, which is especially important for real-time processing tasks like video analytics or autonomous vehicle simulations.

Complementing the XstreamCORE, ATTO’s HBAs are engineered to deliver the lowest possible latency and highest data transfer rates, qualities essential for handling the intense data workloads of AI and machine learning. These adapters optimize the flow of data, preventing bottlenecks and enhancing overall system performance, thereby allowing AI algorithms to operate at peak efficiency. Whether it’s facilitating rapid access to massive datasets for training deep learning models or ensuring swift data retrieval for real-time AI inference, ATTO’s HBAs ensure that servers are fully utilized and storage capabilities are maximized.

Together, ATTO’s XstreamCORE bridges and HBAs create a robust infrastructure that supports scalable, secure, and cost-effective AI deployments, enabling enterprises to leverage their data assets more effectively and drive forward innovations in AI technology.

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