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ATTO SiliconDisk is an ultra-fast and scalable storage solution that works with all-flash and other capacity storage devices. It uses 100Gb NVMe over Ethernet connectivity to eliminate bottlenecks and provide quick access to hot storage.

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100x Faster than All-Flash Storage

ATTO SiliconDisk™ is an ultra-low latency RAM-based storage appliance with under 600 nanoseconds of latency. It is the fastest network storage ever, providing much faster performance overall than any flash storage solution.

Designed with cutting-edge NVMe over Ethernet connectivity, ATTO SiliconDisk effortlessly integrates into any existing storage architecture.

A New Tier in the Storage Pyramid

ATTO SiliconDisk represents a new paradigm in scalable, sharable enterprise storage. Its ultra-low latency and advanced networking technology place it between system RAM and external flash storage.

We put four channels of ultra-fast, state-of-the-art 100GbE onto a single chip along with our exclusive ATTO xCORE™ data acceleration technology to minimize latency and maximize read/write efficiency.

How is SiliconDisk Different?

High-speed RAM and state-of-the-art Ethernet technology combine to effectively elminate bottlenecks, preserving instant access to hot storage. Read and write data from a network storage device faster than ever before.

Hardware-Based Analytics

SiliconDisk features a hardware-based analytics engine with artificial intelligence for unprecedented performance insight. ATTO Insight Analytics™ delivers real-time performance analytics on your storage network connections, storage utilization as well as overall SiliconDisk data performance allowing you to quickly assess issues and optimize your solution. As an embedded feature we integrated sophisticated timing analytics to measure down to nanosecond time- slices providing insights at a level never seen before.

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