Proven Design PhilosophyATTO products have helped to usher in the era of modern film production and havebeen an unseen contributor to the growth of real-time transaction processing.Our unwavering design philosophy has been the backbone of it all.

Guiding Design Principles

At ATTO, we believe in designing with a purpose.  Our products are specifically built to address the real world challenges of today’s data-rich environments, which is why we pay particular attention to the following key design principles.


Speed is just one factor in performance. Efficiency, reliability and capability are just as essential. World-class product design demands exacting specifications while ensuring consistency and simplicity in function. From the drawing board to final manufacturing, our products are engineered for optimal performance by any measure.

Ease of Use

High-performance doesn't have to mean impossible to use. We go to great lengths to ensure our products work as expected straight out of the box with software and drivers that make sense. Our management suites with analytics give real-time access to diagnostic and transfer data making it easier to resolve issues even before they occur.

Software Development

Inspired software programming breathes life into our innovative hardware designs to deliver renowned ATTO performance. Our drivers, management suites and software tools are easy to use and optimized for a wide range of operating systems including Linux®, Windows®, macOS®, FreeBSD®, illumos™ and more.

Latency Management

ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™ latency management technology is built into every ATTO connectivity product and ensures best-in-industry data transfers for high-bandwidth applications. Advanced Data Streaming provides controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming and the highest consistent performance.

ATTO xCORE™ is a hardware-accelerated pipeline for the data transferred between a host and storage. xCORE features multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines with end-to-end I/O processing that assures all reads and writes are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ATTO MultiPath Director™ is a proprietary driver that enables failover and load balancing capabilities for Windows®, Mac® and Linux® hosts. It automatically discovers, configures and manages connectivity to storage for optimal performance.

Direct2GPU™ technology reduces PCIe bus traffic, moving data directly from storage into GPU memory via direct memory access (DMA) with minimal CPU and system memory utilization.

Integrated Software Design

ATTO 360™ is an all-purpose application for Ethernet storage optimization featuring performance tuning, analytics, and monitoring tools designed to get the most out of ATTO FastFrame SmartNICs and ThunderLink Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapters.

ATTO ConfigTool™ allows the settings of ATTO host adapters to be customized for maximum storage connection performance. It can also verify the drivers and flash files currently in use and update the hardware firmware.

ATTO Insight Analytics™ is a hardware-based analytics engine with artificial intelligence for unprecedented performance insight. Real-time and historical data is used for broad or application-specific storage analyses. Data is collected at a ground-breaking sample rate of 100ns.

ATTO Target Mode Driver is a specialized driver that makes any storage device appear as native Fibre Channel or SAS. Available for ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs and ATTO ExpressSAS HBAs, it provides the ability to run both initiator and target-mode devices with a single driver.

ATTO Advanced Data Streaming™

ATTO ADS Technology manages latency, controlling acceleration for smooth data streaming providing the highest consistent performance.

ATTO ADS Chart Symbol ATTO Products with ADS

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ATTO Advanced Data Streaming
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Make ATTO Software Solutions Your Own.


Create a better customer experience with your own branding or custom tuning profiles and performance parameters and make ATTO Technology software solutions your own.

Advanced Software Technologies Ready for Your Solution


ATTO 360™ Tuning Software


ATTO ConfigTool™




ATTO MultiPath Director™


ATTO PowerCenter Pro

A robust, easy-to-use application for Ethernet storage optimization featuring performance tuning, analytics, and monitoring tools.

A comprehensive tool to customize the settings of all ATTO HBAs and ThunderLink® adapters with added centralized management of device drivers and firmware.

Real-time access to performance, diagnostic and transfer analytics for ATTO storage controller with troubleshooting tools and email notifications.

Enables failover and load balancing capabilities for Windows®, Mac® and Linux® hosts, automatically configures and manages connectivity to storage.

Integrated RAID functionality, protection and performance for 12Gb/s SAS/SATA ExpressSAS® HBAs and ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters.

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