Partner Spotlight – Dell EMC

Ever wonder what the “EMC” stood for in Dell EMC? Read on, inquisitive one, as we talk about this month’s ATTO Partner Spotlight subject, Dell EMC. The relationship between Dell and EMC accelerated in 2001 when they announced a five-year sales partnership, but it would take another fourteen years before Dell and EMC would joined together permanently, creating the business groups we know today.


Webinar: ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 and Dell EMC ML3 Combo

Dell EMC and ATTO Technology provide the industry’s only commercially available solution to add high-speed Ethernet connectivity to standard SAS LTO tape drives. Learn more during a brief webinar February 11th at your choice of 9:00 AM EST or 1:00 PM EST.


ATTO 360 is Now Available for Download

ATTO 360™ for FastFrame™ and ThunderLink® Ethernet adapters is now available for macOs® and Linux.  Designed for the creative professional who wants to unlock the true potential of their Ethernet network, ATTO 360 features performance tuning, monitoring and diagnostic tools that helps to easily deliver the best performing and most efficient storage networks.    Download your copy today!