The Power Behind the Storage

ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs Now Support FC-NVMe

NVMe continues to create a buzz through the industry with its incredible gains in storage access. The evolution of the specification continues with the addition of the FC-NVMe protocol.

With FC-NVMe, Fibre Channel will natively transport NVMe, giving it near direct-attached speed and identical capabilities. The performance increase in flash storage access over Fibre Channel will be nothing short of remarkable.


FastFrame Ethernet Adapters Just Got Faster

With servers and storage constantly getting faster, the hardware that connects it all needs to stay a step ahead. The next generation of media streaming, cloud, flash storage and web-scale environments will all have significant speed and bandwidth requirements.

As an example, today movies and television shows are being shot in 4k, which already requires up to 26 Gb/s of bandwidth per stream to capture, edit, and render. However, 6k and 8k resolutions are being tested and are expected to be hit the market within the next few years.


Repurpose Old Hardware with SAN Storage Controllers

Your business has been growing over the past decade, and it wasn’t too long ago that you had a server rack installed. At the time one SAS Raid Array made sense because you were planning to virtualize everything.

Now, two hosts and an additional 100 employees later, you need more IOPS and more storage. What can you do with your SAS Raid Array?


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