ATTO expands vSAN™ storage options by disaggregating storage with ATTO XstreamCORE

VMware vSAN® users are always looking for options to architect storage that meets their particular needs. This includes expanding storage capacity outside the server by taking advantage of disaggregated solutions. The right solution will allow admins to grow and deploy storage as they need to.

Traditional options to expand a vSAN environment typically requires purchasing new nodes or replacing drives within their existing nodes. This adds cost and creates downtime.

ATTO XstreamCORE® intelligent bridges are that solution. When you implement a vSAN solution using ATTO XstreamCORE you gain the benefit of external storage at direct-attached speeds.

XstreamCORE is quick to install and configure, allowing the use of JBODs for storage expansion in vSAN environments. They are virtually invisible to storage networks, allowing vSAN to seamlessly configure and manage the newly disaggregated storage and provide other key functions.

ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges add flexible, external storage to vSAN by creating a direct-attached storage environment with disaggregation using Fibre Channel as the transport protocol. Optimized for high performance with multiple hardware acceleration engines, XstreamCORE provides industry-leading performance to up to 64 servers with less than four microseconds of added latency.

Utilizing XstreamCORE to disaggregate storage in your vSAN environment doesn’t require modifications to ESXi or vSAN. It’s flexible, provides connectivity at low latency, gives you greater redundancy in your design, and supports full multi-pathing.

ATTO ran the VMware vSAN ReadyNode™ certification suite with XstreamCORE, using components that are vSAN certified from partners such as Dell, Lenovo, Intel, HPE, and AIC. Complete details are in the white paper “DAS Over FC Technology Allows ATTO to Disaggregate Storage and Complete vSAN Certification Suite”.

With more than 40,000 data center installations globally, ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges are trusted and mature solutions that are ready to use immediately. The robust features will allow you to get the most value out of your vSAN investment and leverage the full scope of its capabilities.

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