ATTO Technology, Inc. provides high-performance storage connectivity and infrastructure products. ATTO is the only HBA manufacture providing high-availability Windows and Mac workstation connectivity to Dell EMC storage.

ATTO provides flexible connectivity to Dell EMC storage environments:

  • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) ADS latency management technology is built into every ATTO host bus adapter (HBA) and RAID controller, providing the fastest, most consistent time-to-data, delivering the best-in-industry aggregate bandwidth and predictable data transfers for high-performance applications.
  • MultiPath Director&trade A proprietary technology available on ATTO’s Fibre Channel host bus adapters and Thunderbolt™ adapters that enables Mac® and Windows® workstations to connect directly to enterprise-class storage with redundant controllers, providing failover and load balancing capabilities across multiple paths to the storage
  • The only Windows and Mac workstation connectivity solution for EMC² Symmetrix® VMAX, VNX ® and VNXe