Facilis Technology

Facilis Technology supports 16Gb, 32Gb and the latest 64Gb Fibre Channel from ATTO Technology, as well as the latest FastFrame4 10, 25 and 100Gb adapters through their industry-leading Shared File System. Together these technologies deliver unmatched speed to Facilis HUB Server clients. Facilis solutions provide turn-key Tier-1 shared storage, Asset Management and Archive with performance over 4GB/sec to a single client over Fibre Channel and FastFrame Ethernet adapters.

Facilis has been integrating ATTO Fibre Channel, SAS, Ethernet and ThunderLink® products with their shared storage systems for over 20 years. Facilis Technology is consistently focused on increasing the value and performance of their products. By working closely with ATTO, Facilis is able to find a combination of hardware and software that optimizes the performance of their solutions. The decision to incorporate ATTO into Facilis products was based on its industry-proven technology, as well as the outstanding customer support they provide.

  • ATTO Fibre Channel products for inter-server connectivity and client connectivity
  • Ethernet hardware for superior switch-uplink and client-direct performance in high-bitrate video and film workflows
  • Optimized Shared File System for performance beyond the capability of standard NAS solutions.