High-Availability FibreChannel Multipathing Solution
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High-Availability FibreChannel Multipathing Solution

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MultiPath Director™

ATTO Exclusive Performance Technology

Let’s Face It: Stuff Happens. But when you are using ATTO Multipath Director, stuff can happen all it wants!

Your studio has a job with a tight deadline for a big-time client. You and your team have worked late into the night, but you're nearly done. And then...oops...the intern trips over a Fibre Channel cable in the main editing suite.

If the studio is using ATTO Multipath Director™, you just sigh and finish the job. If not, yikes!

Most storage systems utilize redundant RAID controllers with multiple Fibre Channel inputs to assure optimal performance and continuous uptime.

Operating systems must support Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) to recognize and manage multiple paths to the same storage device. However, ALUA support can be limited in macOS© and each storage vendor implements ALUA differently.

ATTO MultiPath Director is a proprietary driver that enables Apple©, Windows© and Linux©, hosts to connect directly to ALUA supporting storage systems, providing a completely redundant, high-performance storage solution for workstations and servers.

MultiPath Director automatically discovers, configures and manages connectivity to the storage controllers for optimal performance. Competitor products are limited to using the native multipathing software built into macOS.

Reliable, field-proven, well-supported and easy to use.

ATTO has tested and customized MultiPath Director to assure interoperability and optimal performance with flexibility and management capabilities to tune for distinct workflows. Multipath Director also uses load balancing to aggregate performance across multiple Fibre Channel links to increase application performance.

MultiPath Director is available only for ATTO ThunderLink© Thunderbolt™ Fibre Channel adapters and ATTO Celerity™ HBAs.

High-Availability Storage

MultiPath Director, when paired with enterprise-class storage systems, provides a completely redundant, high-performance storage solution for workstation and server applications. MultiPath Director ensures deadlines are met through high availability access to data for multiple users, enabling the swift and efficient completion of projects.

Superior Performance

Load balancing across multiple paths to storage increases overall system performance by using more than one Fibre Channel path to transfer data. This functionality, combined with ATTO’s exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) latency-management technology, ensures the highest consistent performance. Thus making Celerity Fibre Channel host bus adapters the best choice for enterprise-class connectivity.

Improved Productivity

With automatic path failover and failback, MultiPath Director allows multiple workstations or servers to continually access the same ’pool’ of storage. Real time and simultaneous access to data enables workgroups or single users to create efficient workflows that save time and money, while dramatically increasing a project’s time to completion.

Simplified Storage Management

The ATTO Configuration Tool, a standard offering with Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs, is an easy-to-use GUI for maintaining configuring, monitoring, managing and troubleshooting multiple connections between the storage and the host systems.

Extensive Interoperability

Celerity 32Gb/s, 16Gb/s, 8Gb/s, quad, dual, and single-channel Fibre Channel HBAs and ThunderLink Adapters are qualified for use with a wide array of high-end, enterprise-class storage systems from leading storage providers.

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