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Professionals trust ATTO for direct-attached and RAID storage connectivity

For nearly 30 years, IT professionals have trusted ATTO to connect them with their data in high-performance environments. ATTO ExpressSAS Host Bus and RAID adapters feature a range of technologies to ensure fast, reliable transfers and guarantee that your data is protected. Our renowned engineering and technical support means you quickly get answers you need so that you can do your job.

With a wide variety of port configurations and RAID levels, ExpressSAS offers flexibility for every range of application. Whether you’re backing up databases or processing the large data sets required for medical research and business intelligence, you can depend on ATTO HBAs and RAID adapters to deliver high-bandwidth storage access and maximum system uptime.

ExpressSAS Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable RAID For over 20 years, ATTO’s time-tested RAID stack has provided confidence with high-performance data integrity.
  • Low Power Consumption ExpressSAS products are engineered to lower energy consumption and associated data center costs — up to 70% over the competition.
  • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Provides controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming to maintain the highest consistent transaction rates and lowest response times in enterprise applications such as server virtualization, database applications, business intelligence/analytics and archiving/backup.
  • CacheAssure™ Securely protects data in nonvolatile memory during a power interruption and stores it for up to 10 years. Ensures storage is back on-line before restoring and synchronizing data.
  • DriveAssure™ Provides higher workflow up-time and data security through improved RAID performance and reliability. Allows 100% performance during rebuilds and completes rebuilds up to 50% faster than competitors.
  • Adaptive Path Optimization Maximizes storage availability and performance via dynamic path management and balancing. Delivers up to a 40% performance improvement while eliminating single points of failure in storage connections.


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