Strengthen your data center with XstreamCORE

More powerful storage controller capable of 6.4 GB/s throughput, supporting 1.5 million 4K IOPS per pair

XstreamCORE storage controller

XstreamCORE™, ATTO Technology’s new storage controller, features first-of-its-kind data acceleration technology for high-performance, data-intensive, demanding environments.

XstreamCORE storage controllers feature separate data and control paths and are built upon ATTO’s xCORE Data Acceleration and eCORE Control Engine technologies.

  • xCORE features multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines, end-to-end I/O processing, hardware buffer allocation management and zero-impact real-time performance and latency analytics, combining to provide very high, reliable throughput (6.4 GB/s per controller pair) while adding less than four microseconds of latency
  • eCORE Control Engine adds common, open storage services, industry standard APIs and handles reservations, storage routing, management, diagnostics and host and LUN mapping functions, adding value to flash storage while providing tight integration with server-based software
  • XstreamVIEW™ System Manager, the XstreamCORE’s new user interface, allows administrators to remotely manage, set up and configure the storage controller, providing storage performance metrics and data mover traffic statistics, mapping and diagnostic tools from a single pane of glass

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