Leading AI infrastructure optimization with high-speed connectivity solutions for enhanced performance and scalability in data centers.

Accelerate AI Advancements
with Optimized Infrastructure
for Next-Gen Performance

ATTO Makes Artificial Intelligence Real

Welcome to the cutting edge of AI infrastructure optimization. As a premier provider of connectivity solutions, ATTO Technology is dedicated to enhancing the performance, efficiency, and scalability of AI-driven data centers. Our robust portfolio of products, including high-speed host bus adapters, network interface cards, and storage controllers, are expertly designed to meet the intensive demands of AI applications.

We ensure that your AI models and algorithms receive the rapid, uninterrupted data flow they require for training and inference tasks. Our solutions support advanced AI data management techniques like real-time data processing and large-scale data handling, which are essential for developing more accurate and efficient AI systems.

With ATTO at the heart of your AI infrastructure, you can fully leverage your technology investments to enhance AI capabilities and achieve outstanding operational efficiency. With ATTO, you’re not just keeping up; you’re staying ahead, ensuring your AI and ML applications perform brilliantly, scale effortlessly, and lead the way in technological advancement.

Driving AI Success:

ATTO XstreamCORE® Intelligent Bridges and Host Bus Adapters for Advanced Storage Solutions

ATTO XstreamCORE products and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) are pivotal components in enhancing AI server architectures by improving the connectivity, performance, and scalability of storage systems. XstreamCORE bridges serve to transform direct-attached storage (DAS) into networked storage area networks (SANs), making large volumes of data readily accessible across multiple AI servers and processes. This functionality is crucial for AI and machine learning applications that demand extensive data sharing and high-speed data access. With their capability to provide low-latency and high-throughput connectivity, XstreamCORE products ensure that data feeds to AI models are fast and efficient, which is especially important for real-time processing tasks like video analytics or autonomous vehicle simulations.

Complementing the XstreamCORE, ATTO HBAs are engineered to deliver the lowest possible latency and highest data transfer rates, qualities essential for handling the intense data workloads of AI / ML. These adapters optimize the flow of data by preventing bottlenecks thereby allowing AI algorithms to operate at peak efficiency. Whether it’s facilitating rapid access to massive datasets for training deep learning models or ensuring swift data retrieval for real-time AI inference, ATTO HBAs ensure that servers and storage are fully utilized. Together, XstreamCORE bridges and ATTO HBAs create a robust infrastructure that supports scalable, secure, and cost-effective AI deployments, enabling enterprises to leverage their data assets more effectively to drive forward innovations in AI technology.

Advanced Data Streaming (ADS): Smooth data for Peak Performance

ATTO’s exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology sets our HBAs apart, minimizing latency and optimizing data transfers for consistent, under the most demanding AI workloads.


Eliminate Bottlenecks, Maximize Throughput

Say goodbye to CPU/GPU idle time caused by saturated buffers, empty queues, and other performance bottlenecks. ADS ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of data, allowing your applications to run at peak efficiency and unlock the full potential of your AI investments.

competitive adapter performance

Competitive adapters: inconsistent throughput and latency variations cause servers to slow due to overloaded buffers and empty Queues

ATTO adapter performance with advanced data streaming

ATTO HBAs: consistently high data throughput and managed latency results in smooth data flow processing to keep CPUs/GPUs at peak performance


Why ATTO for AI?

Advanced data centers require more than ordinary HBAs. Real-time AI applications demand low latency for reliability and performance. ATTO’s HBAs and Smart NICs are engineered to minimize and stabilize data transfer delays, ensuring smooth data flow and predictable performance for demanding AI workloads.

Beyond Commodity HBAs

Generic HBAs lack the specialized features needed to optimize data flows for AI, leading to bottlenecks and inefficient CPU/GPU utilization.

Key Advantages of ATTO HBAs and Smart NICs:

  • Minimized Latency: Ensure real-time AI applications run smoothly.
  • Stable Data Transfer: Maintain consistent performance under heavy workloads.
  • Optimized Data Flow: Keep CPUs/GPUs running efficiently for maximum productivity.
  • Superior Performance: Outperform commodity options in demanding environments.

HBAs Built for Optimized AI Server Performance

Advanced Data Streaming

Unlike commodity HBAs and NICs, ATTO solutions utilize exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology. ADS minimizes latency, reduces data buffering, and optimizes data flow for unparalleled performance in your Big Data, Modeling, AI training, and other AI-driven applications.

Unparalleled Efficiency

ATTO products are precision-engineered to meet AI’s diverse demands, integrating data interfaces with high-performance GPU resources for unparalleled server performance. With a focus on lowest latency and seamless data streaming, ATTO delivers exceptional reliability and scalability, unlocking AI’s full potential.

Optimized for AI

ATTO HBAs are engineered with managed latency in mind, a critical factor in AI efficiency. Our technology minimizes and stabilizes data transfer delays, boosting performance and reliability for HPC and AI applications, ensuring consistent operations and stringent service levels in AI datacenters.

Elevate Your Data Center with ATTO AI-Optimized Solutions

Intelligent Bridges

Facilitating connectivity between Fibre Channel and Ethernet infrastructures to SAS JBOFs, JBODs or RAID storage, ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges provide an easy connectivity solution that allows valuable storage resources to be used more effectively. We built the XstreamCORE product line to turn direct attached SAS devices into shared SAN storage with powerfully simple management capabilities to support a huge number of drives. So, go ahead, disaggregate your storage from your servers and grow your storage independently from your servers. Remote your storage over long distances. Or simply reposition existing storage into a new shared resource. Oh yeah, need to connect SAS tape drives to the Ethernet or Fibre Channel SANs without switches, servers, or configuration hassles? ATTO XstreamCORE bridges are just what you need for backup, archiving or even building out “Tape-in-the-Cloud infrastructure to support all that data.

XstreamCORE Intelligent Bridges

Fibre Channel HBAs

ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs raise the bar with Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology, delivering real-time performance for demanding workloads like AI and machine learning. Unlike commodity HBAs, ATTO meticulously manages latency, ensuring smooth data delivery and maximum resource utilization for CPUs, GPUs, and storage. With ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs, reliability and stability are guaranteed, even in the most demanding environments. Plus, ATTO MultiPathing enhances reliability and optimizes performance with automatic failover and load balancing.

Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs

Ethernet NICs

Transform your network’s speed and efficiency with ATTO’s cutting-edge Ethernet Smart NICs, precision-engineered for the extreme demands of AI and ML frameworks. Powered by RDMA and backed by the comprehensive ATTO360 software suite, these Smart NICs optimize every facet of network performance, ensuring seamless and rapid data transfers. Future-proof your infrastructure to handle complex machine learning models and large-scale computations with ease – choose ATTO for unmatched network optimization and unlock the full potential of your data pipelines.

FastFrame Ethernet NICs

Smart NVMe Switch HBAs

Take your storage management to new heights with ATTO ExpressNVM HBAs, powered by intelligent processors that deliver advanced tools for optimized NVMe storage management. Ideal for AI data centers, these HBAs offer cutting-edge features like hot-swap NVMe drives, predictive analytics, and comprehensive telemetry, essential for maximizing storage performance and reliability. With ATTO ExpressNVM HBAs, you’ll experience enhanced storage speed and precision, providing a robust, high-performance foundation for your AI applications, and optimized storage operations with advanced management tools.g.

ExpressNVM Smart NVMe Switch HBAs


Don’t settle for commodity HBAs that limit performance. ATTO’s SAS HBAs are engineered for lowest latency and optimum performance, unleashing the full power of your AI and machine learning servers. Our Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) technology ensures precise data balancing, keeping your GPUs running at maximum speed. Get the performance and reliability you need to stay ahead.