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Datacenter Infrastructure:

ATTO Redefines What's Possible in Datacenters

Welcome to the forefront of datacenter innovation with ATTO. As a leader in connectivity solutions, we are dedicated to optimizing the performance, efficiency, and scalability of modern data centers.

The backbone of any successful enterprise is its data center. That’s why our technology is designed to facilitate advanced data management techniques such as virtualization, storage disaggregation, and high-volume data handling, ensuring that your infrastructure is not just functional but future-proof. With ATTO at the core of your data center infrastructure, unlock the full potential of your technology investments and drive unparalleled operational excellence. Discover how ATTO Technology is transforming data landscapes, one connection at a time, making it your partner in navigating the complexities of today’s data-driven world.

ATTO offers a comprehensive suite of products tailored specifically for the demands of the Datacenter. Our line of XstreamCORE intelligent bridges connect block storage over Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks – already used in tens of thousands of datacenters around the world for data disaggregation and more flexible storage architectures, check out what others have already discovered. Share, manage and aggregate to simplify and accelerate your storage networks.

Also, check out our other connectivity products, including: Fibre Channel HBAs to SAS HBAs, Smart Ethernet NICs, ThunderLink adapters and now Smart NVMe HBAs. Our solutions are meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise-level environments. By ensuring robust, reliable, and seamless data transfer, ATTO enables data centers to not only keep pace with the rapid growth of data but also to anticipate future needs.

Maximizing Virtualized Storage to Drive Superior Performance

ATTO products are designed to excel in virtualized storage environments due to their advanced engineering and focus on performance optimization. These products typically feature high-bandwidth capabilities and low-latency connectivity which are critical in virtualized settings where data must be rapidly accessible across multiple virtual machines.

Our XstreamCORE bridges, built on the xCORE acceleration engine, as well as ATTO host bus adapters, network interface cards, and storage controllers use sophisticated data handling techniques such as advanced data streaming, which minimizes the impact of latency and maximizes throughput. This ensures efficient data transfers and reliable performance even under the high I/O demands typical in these environments. Additionally, ATTO products come with extensive support for multipathing, which enhances data accessibility and resilience, a crucial advantage in virtualized storage where data availability and system stability are paramount. Find out more about what makes our products different.

This combination of high performance, reliability, and support for advanced storage management features makes ATTO products particularly well-suited for virtualized storage infrastructures

virtual grid image

Accelerate Data Applications

Your customers are paying for their applications to run fast and efficient. It needs every last nanosecond removed from that data equation. That’s what ATTO focuses on and delivers it better than any competitor in the marketplace.

Reduce Backup Windows

Are slow backups impacting your ability to start operations the next day? ATTO’s XstreamCORE and HBAs allows more data to be processed with up to 40% better performance increasing overall throughput even at distances of up to 50km. Find out more about how ATTO is helping to changing what’s possible in the backup & archive application space.

Improved TCO

Time is money. Latency is Time. Looking to reduce costs while maintaining operation excellence? ATTO connectivity products combine cuts your latency along with energy efficiency and manageability to reduce costs while improving performance.

Eliminate Downtime

Avoid data loss in the event of a disaster by building out high-availability architectures with ATTO products. ATTO’s XstreamCORE® intelligent Bridges and HBAs and NICs enable new architectures that blend the elements of redundancy and performance for storage and network solutions.

Streamlining Datacenter Storage Disaggregation

Our products, especially XstreamCORE bridges with xCORE and eCORE acceleration capabilities, facilitate storage disaggregation by enabling more flexible, scalable, and efficient storage architectures. Their range of high-performance connectivity solutions, including Fibre Channel and Ethernet adapters, bridge the gap between computing resources and storage systems, allowing organizations to separate storage hardware from the compute nodes.

This separation is key to disaggregation, as it allows for storage resources to be pooled and managed independently from compute resources. ATTO’s products support this model by providing reliable, high-speed connections that ensure seamless access to storage pools across distributed environments. Additionally, ATTO’s advanced data routing and management features ensure that data flows efficiently between disaggregated storage components, enhancing overall system performance and scalability.

This makes ATTO’s solutions ideal for enterprises looking to optimize their data center resources and reduce costs through storage disaggregation.

competitive adapter performance

Competitive adapters: inconsistent throughput and latency variations cause servers to slow due to overloaded buffers and empty Queues

ATTO adapter performance with advanced data streaming

With ADS, you can say goodbye to your CPUs/GPUs waiting to get data due to saturated buffering issues, empty queues and other performance bottlenecks, allowing your applications to run at peak performance

global communication image

Unified Connectivity Solutions and Strategic Alliances

Our components are designed to work together seamlessly, delivering maximum performance for bandwidth-intensive environments from application-specific workgroups to large-scale enterprise infrastructures.

We work closely with leading technology partners to deliver purpose-built solutions for today’s most challenging Backup and Archiving environments.

HBAs Built for Optimized Datacenter Performance

Advanced Data Streaming

Unlike commodity HBAs and NICs, ATTO’s solutions leverage cutting-edge Advance Data Streaming (ADS) technology. This proprietary technology minimizes latency, reduces data buffering, and optimizes the flow of data—perfect for streaming large volumes of data during backup and archive processes or running your Big Data or AI applications.

Enhanced for Enterprise Datacenter Storage

ATTO HBAs and NICs are tailored to meet the diverse application needs of Datacenter workloads. With a focus on delivering the industry’s tightest latency tolerances and seamless data streaming, datacenter applications obtain unmatched performance and reliability.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Don’t be misled into thinking that all HBAs are the same. We build our products focused on managed latency, crucial for datacenter efficiency. Our technology minimizes and stabilizes data transfer delays, enhancing performance for financial transactions, HPC and AI applications. By improving the predictability of data flow performance, we ensure high reliability and consistent operations in datacenters to meet stringent service levels.

Our Solutions Take Your Datacenter to the Next Level

Intelligent Bridges

Facilitating connectivity between Fibre Channel and Ethernet infrastructures to SAS media resources, ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridges provide a simple connectivity solution that allows resources to be used more effectively. Need to connect SAS HDD, SSD, or LTO tape drives and other SAS storage to the Ethernet or Fibre Channel SAN without switches, servers, or configuration hassles? ATTO XstreamCORE bridges are just what you need for backup, archiving, and aggregation of capacity storage resources.

XstreamCORE Intelligent Bridges


ATTO’s SAS HBAs empower you to connect to, or build your own, fast arrays with the included PowerCenter Pro integrated RAID software. This intuitive and powerful tool allows you to configure and manage SAS-based storage arrays with ease, providing the flexibility and performance needed to handle even the most demanding workflows. Whether you’re working with massive datasets or streaming ultra-high-definition content, ATTO’s SAS HBAs and PowerCenter Pro software deliver the performance and reliability needed to stay ahead of the curve.


Fibre Channel HBAs

With lightning-fast data transfer speeds, ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs ensure seamless access to high-resolution files and facilitating real-time collaboration. With ATTO’s Fibre Channel HBAs, reliability and stability are non-negotiable, even in the most demanding datacenter environments.

ATTO’s Fibre Channel HBAs come equipped with ATTO MultiPathing, a feature designed to enhance reliability and optimize performance in storage networks by offering automatic failover and load balancing, ensuring uninterrupted access to your critical assets and minimizing downtime.

Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs

Ethernet Smart NICs

ATTO Ethernet NICs lead the industry in speed and efficiency.   With lightning-fast data transfer rates and advanced features like Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for unparalleled efficiency across your entire workflow, they allow you to take your projects to new heights. Shipped standard with ATTO360, a comprehensive software suite of management tools, our Ethernet NICs are designed to optimize network performance and streamline administration, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your network infrastructure.

FastFrame Ethernet SmartNICs

Thunderbolt Adapters

Harnessing the unparalleled speed and performance of Thunderbolt, ThunderLink adapters are the optimal connectivity solution for on-the-go editing or in the studio. Integrate easily with Fibre Channel, SAS, or Ethernet networks, and get the most out of your Thunderbolt-enabled workstation. With lightning-fast data transfers, seamless connectivity, the most industry-tested solutions and unmatched reliability, ThunderLink adapters unleash the full potential of your content creation workflow.

ThunderLink Thunderbolt Adapters

Enhancing AI Capability: Why Ordinary HBAs Don’t Measure Up

As an advanced data centers architect, you are defining the future building blocks to enable Artificial Intelligence applications. Understanding the importance of managing tight latency for high reliability in real-time AI applications such as analytics, automation, and AI training is crucial.  ATTO thinks so as well and that’s why all of ATTO’s HBAs and Smart NICs are engineered to minimize and stabilize data transfer delays, enhancing data performance and ensuring predictability.

Commodity HBAs are designed with generic capabilities that simply don’t prioritize the specific needs of tight latency workloads. While they may suffice for basic data transfers, they lack the specialized features required to optimize data flows—a critical aspect of keeping CPUs and GPUs running efficiently.

ATTO’s Products are specifically designed to provide uninterrupted and smooth data transfers, essential for maintaining operational efficiency and reliability in data centers. By prioritizing advanced data management, ATTO’s HBAs and Smart NICs enable superior performance, significantly outperforming commodity options in critical data center environments.