IBC 2017

See ATTO Technology address the throughput needs of 4K/8K content at IBC 2017, Amsterdam

Leader in high-performance storage and connectivity drives transition to file-based workflows and enables seamless content production and delivery in ever-increasing resolutions

ATTO Technology, Inc. will be attending IBC this year, maintaining its position as a worldwide leader in data storage and connectivity solutions for content creators in the media and entertainment industry. Join us at IBC in Amsterdam, September 15-19, RAI Congress Center, Booth #7.F41

IBC is the leading global tradeshow for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment and encompasses the very latest developments in broadcasting, mobile TV, IPTV, digital signage and R&D.

"IBC is the ideal venue for ATTO to illustrate why we are the leading provider of workflow solutions utilized by the leading Media and Entertainment companies," says ATTO CEO Tim Klein, "It's these types of partnerships that continue to establish ATTO as the go-to solution provider for storage and network connectivity within the Media and Entertainment industry."

ATTO is the only company who can meet the demanding needs of 4K and 8K video content creation across all connectivity types including storage area networks (SAN), network attached storage (NAS) and direct-attached storage (DAS), for mobile workstations and servers.

ATTO will be featuring several demonstrations, including:

Demo #1: Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity for Avid® NEXIS

  • Will demonstrate a low-cost and highly flexible shared storage solution for mobile workstations, all-in-ones and Macs running Avid Media Composer or Pro Tools
  • Featuring ATTO Thunderbolt 3 to 40GbE and 10GbE solutions via a ThunderLink® device
  • ThunderLink acts as an external Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel, SAS or Ethernet adapter, connecting all-in-one systems and mobile computing platforms to Fibre Channel, SANs, storage devices and Ethernet networks. An ideal solution for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and access to IT applications.
  • Officially certified with Avid NEXIS

Demo #2: Fibre Channel SAN using Gen 6 Celerity™ and Thunderbolt 3 to 32Gb Fibre Channel

  • Demonstrates how to achieve throughput rates fast enough for editing 8K raw files
  • Showcasing Celerity 32Gb Gen 6 Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity technology
  • Shared workflow using multiple workstations and mobile workstations to stream and edit Adobe Premier Pro video footage stored on Quantum and Facilis storage through a Brocade 32Gb Fibre Channel switch
  • MultiPath Director™ for failover/failback and load balancing across multiple links for the highest possible performance

ATTO will give industry professionals several valuable opportunities to learn more about the technologies that drive high data, high performance workflows. Over 60 of the industry's top manufacturers have partnered with ATTO and will highlight their products within various solutions throughout the Exhibition floor. Additionally, many of these exhibitors will include ATTO products within live demo's to display the important role ATTO plays in enabling an effective, performance-driven infrastructure.

Fibre Channel is the primary storage technology that scales from SMB through Enterprise applications and ensures that storage infrastructures will have the highest performance and lowest latency over other solutions on the market. ATTO complete end to end 32Gb Fibre Channel demos will highlight the following products:

ATTO ThunderLink devices represent the latest in next generation, high-performance storage and network connectivity products for Thunderbolt enabled platforms, including mobile devices like laptops, so users can connect to storage in the studio or out on location. ATTO Thunderbolt devices deliver the highest consistent performance and reliable data transfers for video editing, digital audio or video on demand. ThunderLink acts as an external Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel, SAS or 10GbE adapter, connecting all-in-one systems and mobile computing platforms to 32Gb Fibre Channel, SANs, storage devices and 40Gb Ethernet networks. An ideal solution for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and access to IT applications.

ATTO is known for high-performance, low-latency solutions for content creators, has the broadest portfolio of connectivity solutions across the M&E industry and is known for enabling the shift to file based workflows and revolutionizing the capabilities of content production and delivery in ever-increasing resolutions.

If you want a reliable, high-performance solution – it must be built with ATTO. See you at IBC Booth 7.F41!

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Stop by our booth

  • RAI Amsterdam
  • Hall 7, Booth F41

Industry Leading Partners

  • Adobe 7.G27
  • Adobe Primtime 14.P15
  • AIC
  • AJA 7.F11
  • Archiware 7.F06
  • ARRI 12.F21
  • Avid 7.J20
  • axle Video 7.F04
  • B&H Photo 11.A10
  • Blackmagic 7.H20, 7.J14
  • Bluefish 444 7.J07
  • Canon 12.D60
  • Cisco 1.A71
  • Dalet Digital Media Systems 8.B77
  • Dell 7.H10
  • Dolby Laboratories, Inc. 2.A11
  • Facilis 7.B40
  • Filmlight 7.F31
  • Global Distribution 7.J31
  • Google 14.A01-14.A04
  • Grass Valley 1.D11
  • Harmonic 1.B20
  • Hitachi 7.G11
  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe GmbH 12.F38
  • Huawei 13.A06
  • IBM
  • IBM Cloud Video
  • Imagine Communications 4.A01
  • Intel 5.B65
  • JMR 7.J05
  • Lacie 7.J42
  • Matrox 7.B29
  • NEC 8.B37
  • One Stop Systems 3.A16
  • Oracle 7.637
  • Panasas 8.C07
  • ProMax Systems 7.J01
  • Promise Technology 6.C10, 6.C11
  • Qualstar 3.A16
  • Quantum5X Systems Inc. 8.B02
  • Red Digital Camera
  • RedHat 14.F16
  • Rohde & Schwarz 7.E25
  • Root6 7.E321
  • Samsung 1.D35
  • Sans Digital 7.B42
  • Scale Logic 7.H39
  • Seagate 7.J40
  • SGO 6.A11
  • Sonnet 7.F07
  • Sony Electronics 13.A01
  • StorageDNA 7.G41
  • Stordis 6.A15
  • Studio Network Solutions 7.H40
  • Telestream 7.B26
  • Tiger Technology 7.K28

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