Lowering cost of data storage has become a common business practice. Simplifying storage management is now a shared goal among IT professionals. Having quick access to data is what every user wants and needs. Meeting all these objectives can be a daunting challenge.

That is why AIC joins hands with Micron and ATTO to introduce a new line of all-flash VMware Virtual SAN™ (VSAN) ready nodes. AIC’s all-flash array hardware are pre-configured with processors, Micron memory, Micron SSDs and ATTO SAS HBAs to serve as hyper-converged building blocks. 40GbE NICs (network interface cards) from ATTO are offered as options to maximize some specific workloads performance.

The solution can be integrated on an existing VMware cluster or used as a brand new cluster (three nodes minimum) with an outstanding cost to performance ratio. All nodes are fully populated with Micron’s SSDs which are optimized for VSAN. Performance is tremendously boosted. Cost-wise, SSDs have become affordable on most budgets and the increase in capacity has reached the point where it now makes business sense to use flash as mainstream storage than just caching. The adoption of this technology is quick and easy. It helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and still keeps the simplicity of traditional hard drives based nodes.