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Unlimited Flexibility for Any Server with XstreamCORE® FC 7600

The amount of data businesses collect and the way it’s used has always been dictated by how the data is stored. That is why server architectures are always changing – it’s all about getting the most from the most data.

ATTO has long recognized that to get the most out of data it needs to be moved within the system quickly, consistently and reliably. If the data movement is slow, storage and CPUs cannot make up that performance loss no matter how fast they are.


ATTO and NetApp Delivering Future Proof Data Storage and Availability Solutions

In today's era where the flow of data has become the bedrock of enterprise processes and strategies, robust systems and infrastructure are an absolute necessity. As enterprises continue to depend heavily on seamless connectivity for enhanced workflows, their reliance on scalable and consistent data delivery will increase.

"Be it disaster recovery, city-wide data replication, or data transfer across clustered environments, ATTO Technology always focuses on delivering top-notch storage and network connectivity solutions," says Timothy J. Klein, President, and CEO of ATTO Technology.


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